Why Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Is Becoming So Popular

/Why Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Is Becoming So Popular

Why Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Is Becoming So Popular

Plastic surgeons from all across the globe are noticing the drastic increase in clients requesting to have a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. With the vaginal rejuvenation surgery Miami before and after photos found on the internet, it can be quite enticing to want to have improvements made to one’s vagina. Vaginal issues may vary greatly, from excess labial tissue to excess tightness. Issues may vary greatly but the reasons for getting the surgery may be very similar among women.

Social/Societal Pressure

Having a slim waistline, large busts and a fit behind is becoming the standard look that all women crave. However, the average woman also feels pressured to improve the look of their genitals. With the renewal of their vaginal tightness, many women believe that this will help them obtain a quality boyfriend or husband. Pressure from social media and the internet may also be influencing women’s unrealistic expectations for their own bodies.

Athletic Performance and Clothing

One interesting study that was conducted by East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery shows that some women opt to have surgery due to the discomfort they have during activities. Athletic clothing will especially be uncomfortable for oversized labias that press up against the clothing. Riding a bike would also offer some discomfort, especially for very long treks. This is just another reason why some women choose to have the surgery.

Recovering From Childbirth

Women have different reactions after having a baby. Some women are gifted and will spring back to their usual vagina after having a baby. Some women, on the other hand, will completely lose their tightness and their vaginas will completely change. This has both an emotional effect and it may physically reduce pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Positive Reactions with vaginal rejuvenation surgery

The vast majority of women that have vaginal rejuvenation surgery Miami will report having an improved quality of sex and overall lifestyle. For insecurity reasons, some women may feel the constant need for improvement on their genitals, and this is not a good reason to go into the surgery. Physical discomfort, recovering from damage or birth defects should be more viable reasons rather than insecurity.

Some Reservations with vaginal rejuvenation surgery

For some women, especially the religious may feel that it may be morally wrong to have a procedure to increase sexual pleasure. Although improving breasts or butts seems to be socially acceptable, these procedures do not have the same level of stigma. This is another consideration women take before having the vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

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