What Changes Can You Expect After Vaginal Lip Reduction Surgery?

/What Changes Can You Expect After Vaginal Lip Reduction Surgery?

What Changes Can You Expect After Vaginal Lip Reduction Surgery?

Sometimes the things that bring you the most joy can take a heavy toll on your body. Take childbirth for instance. You wait anxiously for that little bundle of joy to make their arrival on this earth plane and when he or she does, words cannot express the joy, the amazement, the sheer happiness of the accomplishment of having brought forth life. But what toll might that nine-month journey have taken on your body? Specifically on your most intimate part – your vagina? Contact Dr. Max Polo for a vaginal lip reduction surgery consultation.

Restoring Youthful Appearance

Aging and extreme weight loss or gain can also affect the appearance of your vagina. The smooth, plump, wrinkle-free appearance of the outer lips of the vagina can become wrinkled and loose-appearing. Vagina lip reduction surgery can restore the youthful appearance of the outer lips of the vagina.

There is a procedure that can help you restore your vaginal appearance to pre-childbirth and/or youthful beauty and functionality. The procedure is called a labiaplasty when the surgery is performed on the inner vaginal lips and is called a vaginal lip reduction when it is performed on the outer vaginal lips. The vagina lip reduction surgery procedures can sometimes be completed in your doctor’s office with only local anesthesia. These procedures are becoming popular procedures in Miami.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

These procedures can also be performed for women with connatural vaginal conditions such as those who may experience sexual penetration as painful and also those who may simply feel that their vaginal does not look normal.

When your outer vaginal lips are your major area of concern, the grafting of fat from one area of your body onto the vaginal lips can improve their appearance by restoring or causing a plumper, less wrinkled look. The surgical procedure for this can be non-evasive. Radiofrequency laser and medical-grade skin care treatments are non-evasive and can help to improve the look of vaginal and surrounding skin.

After Vaginal Lip Reduction Surgery

After your vaginal lip reduction surgery , even with non-invasive techniques, you can expect the need for a healing time. You will be prescribed painkillers for the first 24-28 hours. There may be swelling the first 72 hours. This can be controlled by icing. You might have to limit your movements and stay off from work for 5 – 7 days.

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