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Labiaplasty  Miami
(Inner lips Reduction)

Labia are the externally visible parts of the female genitalia. The labia encase and protect the clitoris, and the openings of the vagina and the urethra. Women have two pairs of labia:

  1. The labia majora (or outer labia) which are larger and fatty, and
  2. The labia minora (or inner labia) which are folds of skin between the outer labia.

As we age, so the labia majora may sag and the labia minora may project beyond the labia majora; while the perineum may be scarred from an episiotomy or tearing incurred during childbirth.

Labiaplasty Definition

Women may elect to have labiaplasty to:

  • Alleviate chafing during sex or exercise,
  • Ease discomfort with tight clothing,
  • Correct congenital asymmetry,
  • Assuage hygiene difficulties,
  • Remove tumors, or
  • For aesthetic reasons.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to restore symmetry and recreate a youthful appearance to the inner lips by reducing the size and the amount of protrusion past the labia majora.

Labiaplasty Indictions are:

  • Enlargement of labia minora / inner lips
  • Protrusion of labia minora past the outer lips
  • Congenital Asymmetry
  • Discomfort with tight clothing (bathing suits, yoga pants, etc.)
  • Discomfort during exercising (running, cycling, spinning, etc.)
  • Emotional distress during intimacy
  • Discomfort / pain during sexual intercourse
  • Hygiene and cleanliness difficulties

Labiaplasty Surgery

Many techniques have been developed to decrease the size of the labia minora, most common of which is the wedge technique developed by Dr. Alter. This technique limits scarring at the edge of the labia, while maintaining the color and external rugae (wrinkles) visible at the edge of the labia.

Labiaplasty procedures usually take 45-60 minutes. You will go home the same day. The surgery can be done under general or local anesthetic – be sure to discuss this during your consultation with your plastic surgeon.

What to Expect on the Day of your Surgery

  • You will arrive approximately 1 hour before the procedure is set to begin.
  • Dr. Max Polo will clarify any further questions you may have at that time about your procedure.
  • Oral sedation will be administered 30min before the procedure. If the patient desires, general anesthesia can be administered by one of our Board Certified Anesthesiologists. If fat grafting to the labia majora is planned, general anesthesia is indicated.
  • Your labiaplasty will be performed in our fully accredited ambulatory surgery facility (AAASF)
  • Once in the operating room, local anesthesia will be administered and your vaginal area will be prepped to sterilize the field.
  • The procedure will take 45-60 minutes in duration
  • You will go home the same day of your procedure.

Labiaplasty Risks

As with all surgery, there are risks involved. Being properly informed is essential.

It is normal:

  • To experience soreness, bruising and swelling for up to two weeks after labiaplasty,
  • If sitting and urinating during this period is uncomfortable.

It is NOT normal:

  • To have excessive bleeding,
  • For infection to set in,
  • To develop a blood clot,
  • To experience an allergic reaction to the anesthetic.

Your surgeon will discuss these risks and how they should be handled with you prior to your surgery.

Labiaplasty Recovery Time

  • Allow yourself 5-7 days before going back to work.
  • Limited ambulation is  critical during the first 72 hours to decrease swelling.
  • Ice applied to the area recurrently every 20 minutes on the hour will help decrease swelling and pain.
  • A spray or irrigation bottle with water is suggested after urination / defecation to keep area clean.
  • Most patients are off narcotics by day 5 after surgery.
  • Upper body workouts can be resumed at 2 weeks after surgery.
  • Running / Cycling / Swimming can be resumed at 4 weeks.
  • Absolutely NO sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after surgery.

Labiaplasty Before and After, Miami

Our gallery of before and after images will give you an idea of what you can expect from your labiaplasty surgery. As is the nature of this procedure, be warned that the IMAGES ARE GRAPHIC.

Labiaplasty Cost

The average cost of labiaplasty surgery starts at $3,000.  The actual cost will be dependent on the recommendation made by Dr. Polo based on your circumstances.

Why Dr. Max Polo?

Dr. Max Polo is a recognized innovator and expert in cosmetic and reconstructive vaginal surgery. For labiaplasty in Miami, schedule a consultation on (305) 595-2969.

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