What Is the Right Age for Labiaplasty Surgery

/What Is the Right Age for Labiaplasty Surgery

What Is the Right Age for Labiaplasty Surgery

As plastic surgery continues to advance, it is becoming a commonplace procedure for more of the population. Celebrities might have a nip, tuck or injection every month or so. So, given this popularity, what is the right age for labiaplasty surgery?

Younger & Younger

There are different opinions on how to raise daughters. Some parents won’t allow their daughters to put on makeup at a tender age. They will be very protective of their pride and joy – not even allowing them to date until they are older. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery discovered that in 2014, the number of women under 18 having labiaplasty was only 4.6% of all patients. Most women will have the procedure done during their prime childbearing years. Of course, that depends on when they get married and their fertility levels.

Fashion Dictates

Rubenesque concepts of beauty have been replaced by the Barbie concept. Many girls struggle to satisfy the thin, sleek and tiny figure that is promoted by modern society. Certainly, this has boosted the appeal of the labiaplasty plastic surgery. Girls are competing for the attention of boys at a younger age. Young women also have stiff competition. They must mirror the latest fashions or be deemed gauche and out-of-touch. They might not be invited to the right parties, if they don’t conform. Nevertheless, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has released a statement urging doctors to screen for body dysmorphia disorders in young women who want the labiaplasty procedure. Some might recommend that women graduating from college about the age of 22 or so, start to think about this cosmetic procedure.

Each Woman is Special

All women develop at their own speed and with their own beauty traits. That is why it is not really feasible to assign a perfect age for labiaplasty surgery. It all depends on your lifestyle. When is the right time for you? There are some risks associated with the labiaplasty plastic surgery, including bleeding, infection and hematoma. Also, carefully follow the recovery time line, we will give you, for the best results. If you want to perfect your body, contact us. Discuss all your needs with our labiaplasty surgeons. There is no perfect age for labiaplasty; of course, it all depends on you.

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