What Is Monsplasty Surgery?

/What Is Monsplasty Surgery?

What Is Monsplasty Surgery?

What is Monsplasty Surgery? What sort of problems with the female body can the monsplasty surgery correct? How long does monsplasty recovery take?

Reasons for Monsplasty Surgery

The mons is a rounded mass of fatty tissue found on the upper end of the female reproductive region. It is the upper, hair-bearing portion of the vulva. Once the Miami heat arrives, women want to hit the beaches en masse. Tossing on their bikinis, women might not like how they look if their body parts are bulging, hanging, protruding or misshapen. The competition can be fierce. Not looking good in a bikini, can make a woman feel embarrassed, self-conscious, worried or anxious. That is why women might consider the monoplasty procedure. A bulging mons might not be appreciated by some, who want to have a svelte look in their swimming suits.

Fine Tuning Body Shape

Sometimes, dramatic weight loss or gain might leave parts of a woman’s body, like the mons, looking out of place. Now, women can fine tune their body shape. They can trim, reduce or contour any irregular parts that might not be particularly appealing. Monsplasty surgery involves the reduction of fatty tissue or skin that causes the mons to bulge. Depending upon the severity of the operation, local or general anesthesia may be used. Liposuction might be used, if there is not much fatty tissue to be removed. Monsplasty might help a woman with body contouring – fine tuning her look. She might already work out at the gym, but need some cosmetic surgery to complete her beautiful look.

Miami Monsplasty Surgery Recovery

Soreness, bleeding, scarring and infection are the primary concerns during recovery. There might be drainage. You should take a week or two off from work. Arrange a ride home from the plastic surgery clinic – you might feel a little dizzy from the anesthesia. We will schedule you for follow-up checkups and prescribe pain medication. All women are different, but you might need to avoid exercise for up to six weeks during monsplasty recovery. We want you to look great in your bikini, short shorts or skinny jeans. You might be able to wear new clothes after the procedure. Enjoy all that Miami has to offer after successful cosmetic surgery. Give us a call today and we can discuss your options for monsplasty.

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