Can You Benefit From Mons Pubis Reduction Surgery?

/Can You Benefit From Mons Pubis Reduction Surgery?

Can You Benefit From Mons Pubis Reduction Surgery?

The mons pubis is the fatty area that protects the pubic area on the female form. Every woman has a different shape to their mons pubis, including an exaggerated lump. For some women, this area is a source of embarrassment and possible pain. There are solutions for an abnormally shaped mons pubis. Medically necessary reduction surgery is available from reputable doctors. Get to know the benefits of mons pubis reduction surgery before you consult with an expert.

Weight Issues

Your mons pubis may have extra fat that just won’t dissipate with normal dieting. It protrudes from your body in an unsightly way. You may have been overweight, but now you’re thin. The mons pubis, however, remains the same size. Mons pubis reduction surgery benefits you by creating symmetry between your torso and pubic region. Some patients have been thin their entire lives, but the pubic area always held too much fat. Weight issues are often the reason why patients visit a specialist.

The Mental Side to Mons pubis reduction surgery

Dealing with an unusually shaped mons pubis is a source of shame for many women. They try to cover and hide it, but the shape is always present. Self-esteem drops, and women find themselves unhappy with life. Improving the mental side of your life is well worth the time you spend in mons pubis reduction recovery, which ranges from a few days to one week.

Urinary Tract Care with Mons pubis reduction surgery

The urinary tract is just below the mons pubis. With excess fat in this area, it can put pressure on the urethra. Urinary tract infections and other ailments may be part of your everyday life. Going through a surgery relieves pressure on the urethra. Normal functions resume with fewer health issues involved on a regular basis.

Less Pain During Sexual Relations

Consensual, sexual activity with a partner should be fun, safe and loving. For patients with an enlarged mons pubis, pain might be part of each encounter. Consider surgery in these cases. By reducing the pubic area’s size, relations are much more comfortable for both partners. An improved relationship is often the side effect of this surgery.

A mons pubis reduction surgery is often performed at the same time as a tummy tuck or lower-body liposuction. Discuss your options with your doctor so that you can bundle any treatments together. Performing one surgery is better than spacing them out individually. With a reduction completed, you’ll have a better look and feel to your body.

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