How to Make Your Labiaplasty Recovery More Comfortable

/How to Make Your Labiaplasty Recovery More Comfortable

How to Make Your Labiaplasty Recovery More Comfortable

The increased popularity of labiaplasty is due to changing trends in lifestyle. You may desire the reduction of your labia either due to discomfort caused by big labial size when wearing tight clothes. You could also seek to reduce size owing to self-consciousness concerning the appearance of your genitalia. The procedure is normally simple, outpatient and performed under local anesthesia. This article discusses the labiaplasty recovery process.

Tips to For Comfortable Labiaplasty Recovery Healing

  1. Take good care of the incision. Caring for the incision is the key to quick healing and a comfortable healing process after labiaplasty surgery. If not properly taken care of, the incision may fester causing pain and infection. The incision should be cleaned carefully and patted to dry, wiping is not recommended for the first one month.
  2. Reduce activity. Strenuous activity such as exercises causes the muscles to stretch and also causing friction. This leads to pain and an extended healing period. It is necessary for you to stop your regular exercise regimen until the healing process is complete. You should also consult with your surgeon if you feel you want to resume exercise.
  3. Take pain medication. Taking pain relievers in itself has the direct result of reducing pain. But it plays an even more important role in aiding recovery. When in pain, your heart rate increases. Increase of the heart rate increases the possibility of postoperative bleeding. This increases pain and general discomfort. Cold compresses when applied frequently are also a relief.
  4. Give the incision enough time before returning to work.  After labiaplasty surgery, you can return to desk work after four to five days. This is if the work you do does not involve walking for long distances. It is not advisable to return to work before the five days are over. Doing that would make your healing process longer.
  5. Don’t rush to judge the results.  While there is physical discomfort after the procedure, there is also psychological discomfort. Psychological discomfort is usually due to wondering whether the procedure achieved the intended results or not. When looking at the genital area soon after the procedure, you will notice that nothing much is noticeable. It may indeed appear to be worse than before. Give it time to heal and then gauge the results.

Labiaplasty Recovery with Dr. Max Polo

While labiaplasty recovery is more or less like recovery from other procedures. Following the above measures ensures that you do not suffer discomfort as much during the healing process.

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