Starting Gym or Exercise After Labiaplasty Surgery

/Starting Gym or Exercise After Labiaplasty Surgery

Starting Gym or Exercise After Labiaplasty Surgery

One of the main reasons a woman undergoes labiaplasty surgery is to improve the look and function of her most valuable and prized body region. This is highly related to the reason she maintains an active lifestyle that includes gym attendance. Contacting a Miami labiaplasty surgeon is the best way to gain insights into restarting a gym regimen after surgery, but there are other things to consider when exercise clearance is given.

The Presence of Body Soreness

Some labiaplasty surgery elements only include tissue reductions and realignments. Others, like fat transfers into the labia majora, require significant tissue alterations. All labial surgeries will inevitably cause extreme sensitivity and soreness. The nature of exercising can cause logical concerns regarding healing, comfort, and the ability to restart levels of movement intensity.

Though labial rejuvenation is a simple procedure, it involves significant alterations to the body. This will cause an immune response that can be difficult to deal with in an exercise environment. The concerns range from skin and body safety, to hygiene and the desire to preserve the integrity of the surgery itself. Yes, it is smart to minimize ballistic movements while healing. A quality surgeon can educate patients about this. It is also smart to continue good dietary practices like consuming multivitamins and high levels of water intake. The nature of labial surgery however, should provide an indication of other steps to take when continuing a formal fitness program.

Practical Gym Post Labiaplasty Surgery

As labial and abdominal tissues heal, it is important to remember that tissue strength might be compromised. Try to abstain from movements that pinpoint lower abdominal muscles. This includes crunching, high-intensity CrossFit-style stretching, and incline running. Of course, activities like barbell squats, fight training, and downward pulling activities should also be minimized. It’s not about a lack of strength that is the issue. It’s about keeping tissue stress away from sensitive regions in order to provide an optimal environment for healing.

Another great way to protect the wonderful work that a Miami labiaplasty surgery technician has done is with special clothing. For several weeks after surgery, wear support clothing that covers the areas of the body affected by surgery. This type of clothing includes shapewear that covers the entire torso, tight-fitting undergarments, lycra waist belts, and shorts that compress the lower abdomen and thighs. Rigid garments like these help with certain activities, but remind the wearer to be mindful of their movements.

Most women who undergo a labial rejuvenation surgery will have a short recovery period after surgery. Beyond this period, they find it very easy to restart a normal fitness routine. It is very important however, to understand that certain tissues need additional time to heal properly. Adjusted movements and supportive clothing separates can ensure proper healing from surgery as an active lifestyle continues.

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