Make Painful Sex a Thing of the Past With Labiaplasty Surgery

/Make Painful Sex a Thing of the Past With Labiaplasty Surgery

Make Painful Sex a Thing of the Past With Labiaplasty Surgery

Many women from all walks of life experience pain during sex that can affect more than just their sex lives. Woman sometimes develop problems in their vaginal areas for a wide variety of different reasons. Some mothers that have delivered large babies often note this distressing symptom. Older women can develop similar issues due to the negative effects from gravity through the years. The delicate vaginal tissues can sag, become painfully dry or become atrophied. Fortunately, women living in Miami can now elect to have labiaplasty surgery that can reverse these adverse body changes.

How Can a Labiaplasty Surgery Alleviate Painful Sex?

During a labiaplasty, the plastic surgeon makes precise incisions to release intense scarring often created during childbirth or later ripping of vaginal episiotomy site tissue. Loose vaginal folds can also be surgically modified by tucking the tissue back into its usual place. The surgeon may also trim back some of the surrounding tissue to create a better aesthetic appearance. This procedure can effectively resolve many painful sex causes with regards to anatomic anomalies.

What Can a Labiaplasty Surgery Accomplish?

Labiaplasty surgery can correct a number of common female issues. Some of these correctable conditions include the following:

  • Treatment for Pelvic Organ Prolapses
  • Reducing Vaginal Area Scar Tissue
  • Tightening Up Vaginal Folds & Skin for Tighter Vaginal Openings That May Increase Sexual Satisfaction
  • Revising Old Episiotomy Scar Lines
  • Restore Labia Plumpness to Better Protect Clitoral Tissue

The surgery can also help eliminate urinary incontinence caused by a prolapse of the bladder and/or other pelvic structures.

How to Find the Right Labiaplasty Surgeon in the South Florida Area

Finding the right local surgeon is important to feel comfortable and at ease with regards to undergoing a labiaplasty plastic surgery. Even though typically done as an outpatient, most surgeons recommend limiting travel due to initial mild discomfort that can become worse while driving long distances immediately following the operation. There is an outstanding plastic surgery center named Miami Plastic Surgery that serves this region of beautiful Florida.

If painful sex is negatively impacting your lifestyle and relationships, consider speaking with a leading plastic surgeon for expert advice. To learn if a labiaplasty surgery is right for you, call 305-595-2969. 

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