Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Labiaplasty Procedures?

/Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Labiaplasty Procedures?

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Labiaplasty Procedures?

Miami labiaplasty is a medical procedure that insurance companies will refuse to cover on a regular basis. The position of most healthcare insurance providers is that the labiaplasty procedures is essentially cosmetic or is focused on reducing physical irritability experienced by the client. The problem is that they never allow for the possibility that the procedure is a medical necessity unless it will repair a life-threatening medical issue such as cancer. Even then the process is subject to pre-approval by the insurance provider for the covered individual. But, all is not lost for those who want the procure completed, and there are a few steps women can take to get approved.

Review Your Health Care Policy

Healthcare policies will normally state what types of procedures are covered and not covered. However, the policy will not always list a reason labia minora could potentially be approved based on the medical need. Policies are also routinely written in general language and interpretations can differ. But, this review still provides a good notion of what difficulties may expected.

Get Your Doctor Involved with Labiaplasty Procedures Insurance Coverage

Physicians who recommend or offer to perform the procedure for medical reasons may be willing to write a summary of why the labiaplasty is necessary. Miami labiaplasty procedures are not always desired for purely cosmetic purposes. In addition, the pain associated with the discomfort and irritability could actually be a sign of an onset medical issue, so thorough testing that is covered by the policy could help influence the company to cover the process. Labiaplasty procedures before and after could also matter, as it is a procedure that actually repairs a physical issue and normally does not require any further treatment after recovery. Your doctor could also be an expert witness in the event the insurance company is acting in bad faith legally, so their input matters.

Covered Medical Problems

Some labia minora surgeries are necessary because of a tumor or other growth that could indicate a valid disease development such as cancer. The decision by the insurance company to approve the process will then be based on medical testing and proof of the serious nature of the medical issue. These medical necessities are still not automatically covered, but the patient stands a much better chance of approval. Women who are of childbearing age could also potentially claim problems with conceiving a child as a medical issue, but this may not always be approved initially. Diagnosis statements and medical records will be very important when using this reason.

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