Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Surgeon for Your Labiaplasty Procedure

/Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Surgeon for Your Labiaplasty Procedure

Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Surgeon for Your Labiaplasty Procedure

What is a Labiaplasty Procedure in Miami?

The labia are the outer parts of the vulva, which can cause minor discomfort for some women if they are too large. With a labia minora reduction, you can eliminate this discomfort, or just boost your body image with a labiaplasty procedure.

Which Questions to Ask?

The first important question to ask before choosing a plastic surgeon, is whether they are board certified in cosmetic surgery. Any licensed physician, even if they have never trained in cosmetic surgery, can perform a cosmetic procedure. You should also ask if they are experienced in labia reduction. This will ensure you get a surgeon who knows what they are doing.

The next question you should ask is if they have privileges at a hospital, and ask which one. The point of this is to be sure that they are qualified, since having privileges at a hospital means their surgeon peers evaluate them to decide if they are properly trained to do the surgery. This will affirm what they have told you already.

Now, you will want to ask them if they have labiaplasty before and after pictures you can look at. This way you can see what you should reasonably expect from the procedure and their performance. Ask them what your options are if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the procedure as well. It is always good to know these things beforehand.

One last thing you should be sure to ask is how many procedures they perform on a regular basis, and what percent of those are labiaplasty. It is important for them to have the experience to know what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to these surgeries. The more experienced the surgeon in the specific procedure you are wanting done, the higher the chances of being satisfied with your results.

Moving Forward

These are the basic important questions you should ask before choosing a surgeon for your labiaplasty procedure. Of course, after you have found the right fit for you, there will be more questions to ask. This is just to help you get started. Please, please do not forget to make sure your surgeon is experienced and certified for performing a labiaplasty. Book a labiplasty consultation today with Dr. Rodriguez.

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