Labiaplasty Procedures Are on the Rise in the USA

/Labiaplasty Procedures Are on the Rise in the USA

Labiaplasty Procedures Are on the Rise in the USA

Doesn’t it seem like females have tougher and tougher beauty standards nowadays? Does Social Media make the changes in fashion and beauty, virtually non-stop? Are more demanding female beauty standards, the cause for rising labiaplasty procedure in the USA?

Competitive Beauty

What is female beauty? Previously, women only had to adhere to localized standards. Nowadays, women must compete with beauty standards from all around the world. Some Bollywood celebrity might wear a special gown and that becomes the new norm. How can women compete? They already must have a fashion wardrobe for all four seasons. Now, the labiaplasty surgery is becoming a popular trend in the United States. In 2016, there were 12,666 labiaplasty procedures performed in the US, which was 39% higher than the previous year. Women are being forced to compete at all levels for the attention of men. Thankfully, cosmetic surgery has made it possible for them to change their body to fit the new standards.

Fitting In: Normalcy

What is normal? The United States is the sole superpower and continues to set normalcy standards, around the globe. Asians lust after the latest American high school letter jackets. Korean pop groups are simply rewarmed styles from 1950s America. Bollywood just changed one letter from Hollywood. Women see the newest trends in television, movies and Social Media. One viral video can change what is hot and what is not instantly. The culture seems to be so hot, some worry about it overheating. Labiaplasty procedure allows women to adhere to these more stringent standards. As the world hears about different scandals, they realize that “fitting in” can be the difference between success and failure. Powerful people surround themselves with those adhering to their norms. This includes norms for the female body.

Higher Expectations with a Labiaplasty Procedure

When women hit a Miami beach, they can see the more stringent beauty standards in full array. There is not much hiding anything in the modern bikini. Miami beauty standards might encourage one to seek perfection. That is how women get noticed in this competitive environment. If you are interested in cosmetic surgery, we can show you pictures of labiaplasty before and after. You can compare the results to see if they are right for you. A Miami labiaplasty procedure can help you to adhere to the more stringent beauty standards for women.

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