Why More Women Are Choosing to Have a Labiaplasty

/Why More Women Are Choosing to Have a Labiaplasty

Why More Women Are Choosing to Have a Labiaplasty

There are some women who desire to repair and/or improve the appearance and usual function of their private areas for a number of reasons. Some simply wish to look better in revealing clothes, and others have begun to notice aggravating and often painful symptoms while wearing tight clothing or engaging in sexual intercourse. Fortunately, the specialized field of plastic surgery known as vaginal rejuvenation and other labiaplasty Miami terms gives women an effective option that can result in further benefits.

Reasons More Women Elect to Get Labiaplasty in Miami

As women age, gravity tends to take a toll on many body areas. This can include the genital region as well. Additionally, women who have delivered larger or many babies often begin to notice that their private organs and surrounding supportive structures start to sag downwards. This often causes the woman to be uncomfortable as the more sensitive vaginal and nearby supportive components rub against more fitted clothing and causes painful friction during movement or sex. Repairing this area can restore the woman’s vaginal structures to a more youthful and firmer state and perhaps improve function.

Overview of Procedure Top Labiaplasty Miami Surgeons Commonly Perform

The area of cosmetic surgery that involves vaginal rejuvenation procedures may include some of the following repairs. Trained and skilled plastic surgeons can restore lost volume – or fat loss – that commonly occurs over time within the vaginal outer lips and another structure called the mons pubis. If the clitoral hood is enlarged, and/or the vaginal inner lips droop down below the outer lips, the surgeon will carefully perform delicate and gentle vaginal tightening focusing on the surrounding muscles and other area structures both inside and on the outside of the vaginal opening. This typically takes approximately one to two hours when performed by competent top labiaplasty Miami surgeons with the advanced training needed for this work.

Added Benefits of Opting for Labiaplasty Miami Surgery

Along with the terrific physical benefits of undergoing a labiaplasty Miami procedure, women often report other benefits. While this surgery is not intended as a fix for various sexual issues, many women report more enjoyable sex afterwards. Most ladies feel more confident regarding their improved appearance, and being able to wear the clothing that they desire is another bonus. Contact Dr. Max Polo, a leading Miami labiaplasty surgeon.

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