Tips to Make Your Labia Minora Reduction Surgery Faster and Easier

/Tips to Make Your Labia Minora Reduction Surgery Faster and Easier

Tips to Make Your Labia Minora Reduction Surgery Faster and Easier

A woman’s labia consists of the inner lips or labia minora and the outer lips or labia majora. It is common for older women to develop changes in the vaginal region following menopause. Even a significant weight gain, delivery of a large baby, trauma or other situation can cause the inner labia minora to protrude down and past the outer labia majora. This can cause pain due to friction when walking, using the bathroom, sexual intercourse and more. There are some excellent tips recommended by medical experts that will promote faster and easier healing following your labia minora reduction Miami surgery.

Learn How to Clean and Treat Your Labia Minora Reduction Miami Surgical Wounds

Before being discharged, the nurse will review how to properly clean and treat your surgical wound sites. Make sure that you fully understand this crucial after care component. Use a clean spray bottle filled with water and a possible gentle cleansing agent to spray on your vaginal area when urinating. This water dilutes the acidic urine to decrease the amount of sting. Ask about this site care at your initial consultation to ensure that you have the necessary supplies.

Stock-up on Easy to Prepare Foods and Medical Supplies Prior to Surgery

It is best to take it easy for the first 5 to 7 days. Remember to limit any type of walking for the first 72 hours following your labia minora reduction Miami procedure. Shop ahead, and prepare ready-to-eat meals and access to clear beverages. Purchase sanitary towels or napkins for the expected blood spotting.

Arrange for a Ride Following Inner Labia Surgery

Arrange a ride as sitting while moving in a vehicle tends to be uncomfortable.

Take Off Work, and Plan Your Recovery Time

Take off at least 5 to 7 days of your work. Have books, music and other items ready to make your recovery less boring. Ensure that there are enough very loose clean clothes and non-constricting underwear available. Have a friend or family member check-in with you frequently during the first few days.

Labia Minora Reduction Miami | Medication & Follow Up Appointment

After your labia minora reduction Miami surgery, take prescribed pain medication as directed and any bruise and swelling supplements. Keep your follow up appointment following your recent labia minora reduction by a Miami based surgeon. Call us today.

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