Life After Labia Minora Reduction – What to Expect

/Life After Labia Minora Reduction – What to Expect

Life After Labia Minora Reduction – What to Expect

Are you unhappy with your labia minora shape, size or proportion? Do you want to know what happens during recovery? Life after labia minora reduction Miami surgery – What to expect?

Bikini Beauty

A thong bikini hides nothing. Unfortunately, bikini styles are getting smaller and smaller. You might not feel comfortable wearing a bikini any longer. You should not feel self-conscious. There are cosmetic procedures that can fix many body issues, which you have. After labia minora reduction, you can look better in a bikini. You can feel comfortable walking around the beaches. With the right labia minora reduction in Miami, you can get a new lease on life. How much is confidence worth? With inner labia surgery, you can regain your confidence. You can feel good about your looks. When you have self-confidence, you become more fun to be around. You have a glow about you. Discuss your beauty goals with a cosmetic surgeon to see what is possible.

Recovery First Week after labia minora reduction Miami Surgery

After the labia minora procedure, you will feel some pain and swelling. There are many herbal remedies for recovery from labia minora reduction in Miami. We will prescribe pain medication. Some suggest that bromelain supplements can help with bruising and swelling. There are also some supplies, you might want for labia minora reduction Miami surgery recovery. You will need an ice compress to reduce the swelling. A spray bottle can also be useful. Initially, there might be some pain when you go to the bathroom. You can use the spray bottle to reduce the pain during inner labia surgery recovery. You can shower after 2 days. You should expect a checkup visit within the first week. You can probably return to work after the first week. Ask your surgeon about returning to the gym. Generally, you should avoid heavy lifting for 6 weeks.

Recovery First Month after labia minora reduction Miami Procedure

Swelling will go down gradually during the first month after labia minora reduction Miami. Normal labia minora reduction Miami surgery recovery will allow for you to see tremendous progress after 6 weeks. If you have any excessive pus or inflammation, call your doctor. Everyone responds differently to inner labia surgery. Eat well to optimize your body’s healing. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of state of the art surgical techniques. For more information, contact Dr. Polo today. Regain what you have lost with labia minora reduction surgery.

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