What to expect during your Labia Majora Reduction recovery

/What to expect during your Labia Majora Reduction recovery

What to expect during your Labia Majora Reduction recovery

Nowadays, you can improve the look of any of your body parts, including your reproductive organs. If you would like to reduce the size of your outer female organs (the labia majora), then labia majora reduction surgery might be just right for you. Here is what to expect from labia majora reduction recovery.

Improve Love Life

Heretofore, you were not able to control how your body looked. With modern Miami cosmetic surgery, the sky’s the limit. If your labia majora are too large, bulging or asymmetrical, then you can undergo vaginal corrective surgery. Each woman has her own reasons for this surgery. It might be after pregnancy. You had gained weight for your baby, but it might have made some of your body parts larger than you desired. The Mommy Makeover is one option. The labia majora reduction procedure can help you contour your female reproductive organs to your specifications. You can look at labia majora before and after pictures to find the right look for you. You might hope to look better in a bikini or negligee. This cosmetic procedure can help.

Labia majora reduction Recovery Time

The good news is that the recovery time frame for the labia majora reduction procedure allows you to return to your work in a few days. You might only need to take a couple of days of time off. You should refrain from intimate contact for a period from 6 to 8 weeks. You want to make sure that your body enjoys a full recovery. When you follow this recovery schedule, you optimize your time for being free of discomfort or pain.

Reduce Swelling

We will help you with post-operative check-ups, giving you a prescription for various forms of pain medication. You will need to use ice to reduce the swelling of your vulva. You cannot wear any tight fitting clothes initially. During your labia majora reduction recovery, you might have a small collection of blood. This is usually resolved during the fourth week. You can start running after six weeks or so. When you follow your doctor’s orders, you will improve the success of your labia majora reduction surgery. Get a more appealing look with the modern Miami labia majora reduction procedure. We, at the Miami Plastic Surgery pride ourselves in offering a comfortable, patient-centered environment for Miami residents undergoing cosmetic vaginal plastic surgery. ┬áContact us today for a Miami labiaplasty consultation.

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