The 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Labia Majora Reduction Procedures

/The 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Labia Majora Reduction Procedures

The 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Labia Majora Reduction Procedures

Also referred to as female genitalia rejuvenation, labia majora reduction procedures are more common than in previous generations. This delicate procedure should be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon trained in the advanced surgical techniques used in this surgical procedure.

What Conditions are Ideal for Labia Majora Reduction Surgery?

There are a number of conditions that are generally considered idea for labia majora reduction surgery. As women age, their female hormones tend to decrease. Over time, the hormone loss and pull of gravity often hastens the evidence of larger or swollen labia folds. The majora labia are the outer lips or folds that cover the vaginal opening and the sensitive clitoris site. Women that have gained significant weight especially in the mid-section of their bodies often begin to notice symptoms like painful intercourse, excess friction irritation and dry or thin vaginal area tissue. All of these conditions might be resolved with this delicate surgery.

Will Labia Majora Reduction Procedures Recovery Time be Uncomfortable?

After a reduction surgery of the labia majora, patients can expect some discomfort. This is relieved by keeping the bottom elevated to decrease swelling, and to place an ice cooling pack between underwear and outer pants. This ice therapy can be used for 20 minutes on then 20 minutes off for the prescribed amount of time. Mild pain relievers can also help, and patients are to wear roomy clothes that are not constrictive and allow healing airflow to the vaginal site. Most discomfort and other symptoms resolve in 1 to 2 weeks, but full healing can last 6 weeks or so.

Are There Qualified Labia Majora Reduction Surgeons in Miami?

Yes, the Miami area has some superb plastic surgeons knowledgeable about labia majora reduction procedures at Miami Plastic Surgery. Plastic surgeons have more experience performing this type of delicate work, and these specialists keep up-to-date on the lastest surgical strategies.

When Can Patients Resume Sex After Undergoing Labia Majora Reduction Procedures

Sexual activity should be avoided for at least the first 6 weeks following the procedure. This sensitive area needs time to adequately heal. Patients are advised to stay off work for about 3 weeks, and patients can resume their regular activities when their labia majora reduction recovery is complete.

Ladies needing more information regarding female genitalia rejuvenation procedures should access Labia Majora Reduction Procedures page here. Dial 305-595-2969 to book a consultation.

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