We Answer 4 Common Questions About Labia Majora Reduction

/We Answer 4 Common Questions About Labia Majora Reduction

We Answer 4 Common Questions About Labia Majora Reduction

There are several reasons that can contribute to the development of enlarged labia majora. These are the sensitive outermost lips that immediately encircles and serves as protection for the clitoris, vagina and urethra openings. When this area becomes enlarged and/or stretched, the woman often begins to notice unusual pain and uncomfortable friction rashes due to sex, movement or clothing. We now answer 4 common questions frequently asked about a general labia majora reduction Miami surgery.

  1. How Do I Know if I Need a Labia Majora Reduction Miami Surgery?

The red flags are pain and irritation of the vaginal and surrounding spots. This is often more prevalent when ambulating or doing another activity. It can be difficult to clean the region thoroughly, and ladies might feel embarrassed to even talk about this common problem with anyone.

  1. Is There a Nonsurgical Treatment for Labia Majora Problems?

Patients can opt for nonsurgical treatments like PRP or platelet-rich-plasma combined with fat graft transfer used to restore volume and moisture back into the labia folds. A reputable plastic surgeon knowledgeable about labia majora reduction can determine whether a patient needs to have this area reshaped with surgery or not.

  1. Are There Risks Related to a Labia Majora Reduction Miami surgery?

There are risks related to any type of surgery or cosmetic procedure. The most common risks are swelling, bruising and some discomfort able to be treated with medications. As with other surgeries, a patient wanting to undergo a labia majora reduction by a Miami plastic surgery group needs to give the surgeon a complete health history that includes medications and over-the-counter herbs, vitamins or other supplements. Patients that already have health problems will have a higher risk of potential complications. Patients should quit and/or avoid smoke, excessive alcohol consumption and unhealthy eating prior to undergoing the procedure. These things can interfere with the healing process.

  1. How Do I Find the Right Surgeon for My Labia Majora Reduction in Miami?

Choose a Miami plastic surgeon with extensive training, background and ample experience in this type of procedure. Avoid doctors that give vague answers to your questions. The sensational results many area women experience following a cutting-edge labia majora reduction that a Miami located plastic surgeon offers is markedly worth pursuing. Call our knowledgeable staff today for more informative Labia Majora Reduction Miami Surgery answers.

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