Make Your Self-confidence a Priority

/Make Your Self-confidence a Priority

Make Your Self-confidence a Priority

A woman who feels confident in her appearance and inner strengths can overcome many challenges in life. While beauty should not be judged based on a specific set of determining criteria, women who feel comfortable in their unique skin tend to go far and lead happier and more satisfying lives. Many women have hidden their deeply personal and often hurtful experience of being unhappy with the condition of their female genitalia area. An understanding Miami area plastic surgeon is helping women get back their confidence by discretely completing a novel and now common labia majora reduction Miami procedure designed to restore a more positive body image.

Why Choose a Labia Majora Reduction by a Miami Plastic Surgeon

While plastic surgery is in itself a more refined and exacting surgical skill, those surgeons who perform the even more delicate work required in any of the newer vaginal rejuvenation and restoration procedures require even further advanced training and a higher level of precise surgical talent necessary to complete the desired surgical enhancements. There is a caring and highly-skilled Miami based plastic surgeon who has made a respected name in Mommy Makeovers and the more delicate vaginal rejuvenation surgical procedures that many women from this Florida region give rave reviews.

Brief Explanation of a Restorative Labia Majora Reduction Miami Surgery

A woman’s vagina opening is surrounded by protective “lips” of delicate tissue known as the inner and outer vaginal lips termed labia minora and labia majora. The outer labia majora can become thinner over time as a woman naturally loses fat volume in these structures due to the normal process of aging, hereditary factors, past stress on the region from childbirth or trauma and due to fluctuating hormones during pregnancy and menopause. During a typical labia majora reduction Miami surgery, the surgeon will use precise and advanced surgical techniques to reduce the excess tissue folds and tighten the structural components to reveal a more functional and youthful appearing vaginal area.

Best Candidates for an Elective Labia Majora Reduction Miami Surgery

The best candidates for a labia majora reduction Miami surgery will have a realistic expectation of what this form of cosmetic surgery can accomplish. Women who plan to have more children should wait until afterwards to ensure their sensational surgical results are not lost during childbirth. Visit our labia majora reduction Miami page, or call Dr. Max Polo today for further information.

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