Inside the Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Process

/Inside the Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Process

Inside the Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Process

A woman’s reproductive system goes through a lot of stress over the years. From puberty to childbirth, the genitalia stretch and contract under extreme circumstances. With all of this activity, the vaginal canal or outer lips may have some cosmetic or medical issues. Women turn to specialists in order to improve their bodies from a surgical standpoint. Miami Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is a viable choice for women who want a better look or optimal functioning as they continue to enjoy life.

Qualifying the Patient for Vaginal Rejuvenation Miami

Certain women qualify as vaginal rejuvenation patients. They might have sexual dysfunction, multiple children or other issues regarding their genitalia. For some patients, the symmetry of the outer or inner lips is displeasing. Patients who don’t qualify are often in unusual circumstances. Recent surgeries, chronic ailments and other factors might be cause for a surgical postponement or cancellation altogether. A candidate must be healthy in order to qualify for an elective surgery.

Consulting With The Vaginal Rejuvenation Doctor

Your doctor discusses your options in an open conversation during a pre-op visit. Vaginal rejuvenation involves several parts of the female genitalia. The inner or outer lips may need reforming for symmetry purposes. Too much fat might fill those lips so tissue removal is an option. Tightening the vaginal canal is a common choice too. Be aware that this procedure is mainly for functional purposes, and it doesn’t necessarily change the sensation during sexual relations.

Anesthesia Choices

Although your choices in rejuvenation procedures are complex, general anesthesia isn’t always employed. Speak to your doctor about local anesthetics. Most of these procedures are completed in an outpatient facility. There’s no need to be hospitalized. General anesthesia is only used for certain tasks, such as fat grafting, where there’s added steps to the process.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Recovering Time

Each patient is different, but most recovery times last about one week. The first few days require minimal movement on your part because the area will be swollen and tender. The body needs time to heal so no exercising or sexual relations until the doctor tells you otherwise. By following the recovery directions, you’ll have a successful surgery that pleases you from both visual and functional perspectives.

The photos of Miami vaginal rejuvenation before and after are startlingly different. For women with significant issues in this area, the surgery is worth the effort. Your self-esteem and confidence will inevitably rise, which leads to a full life as you enjoy love and companionship with your partner.

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