What Procedures Are Available to Add Fullness to Labia Majora

/What Procedures Are Available to Add Fullness to Labia Majora

What Procedures Are Available to Add Fullness to Labia Majora

A woman’s sense of personal beauty runs very deep. This is especially true when huge life changes affect her body. For many reasons, a woman can become displeased with the shape and appearance of her most private features. A thin labia is extremely common, but is a source of concern for many women. Adding fullness to labia majora area is a concern for many women.

Treatments for a Thin Labia

Many women choose to address their cosmetic labial concerns with at-home methods. These include various methods of pumping, massaging, and stretching activities. Most of the these methods are based on true medical principles because they focus on the flow of blood through important body areas.

The reason these methods are not totally effective is that they do not address the nature of body tissues. Some women have thin and discolored outer labia regions because of natural reasons. The outer labia can become small in comparison with the inner labia because of many life factors. Childbirth, body composition changes, and hormonal shifts can create the appearance of a small labia. While this can be a huge psychological concern, it is something that can easily be addressed with elective procedures.

The Beauty of Fat Grafting to Labia Majora

Modern surgical labia improvement involves the simple fat transfer to labia majora, and grafting to surfaces. This type of procedure is attractive to women in places like Miami, where having a multi-faceted cosmetic procedure is common.

Fat transfer to the labia involves extraction of body fat cells from strategic points in the body like the lower back. The fat cells are liquefied, and mixed with solutions that work well with sensitive tissues. The cells are injected into the the folds of the labia. This produces a fuller look that is continual because the formula is created with materials that grow over time. The affect is a labial profile that is fuller and more sensitive, with the ability to remain the same over the course of months and years.

Is Labia Improvement Surgery Difficult?

No! All procedures are performed within the boundaries of each woman’s physiological scope. This means, all methods used to increase the look and fullness of labial areas are healthful and familiar. All tissue transfers to the labial folds are done with resources provided by the patient’s body. For women who are concerned with having safe treatments for their cosmetic goals, this means labia improvement is safe and natural.

Fullness to Labia Majora Consultation

Cosmetic surgeons know that private concerns of women are difficult to address. Women want to retain their personal beauty, but find it difficult after events like childbirth. They can do this by adding fullness to labia majora by making a consultation with Dr. Max Polo. Advancements in surgical procedures have made it possible for women to have labial operations that are simple. Fat injections can restore a youthful labial look and function, without the concerns associated with other major cosmetic procedures.

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