Why Undergo a Fat Transfer to Your Labia Majora?

/Why Undergo a Fat Transfer to Your Labia Majora?

Why Undergo a Fat Transfer to Your Labia Majora?

The female genitalia parts often lose volume due to the natural aging process, pregnancy, hormone imbalances, rapid weight loss or even participation in some sports. Typically, women with this issue feel pain during intercourse and during activities like walking that can cause friction rub discomfort. Women can elect to undergo a fat transfer to labia majora Miami procedure to restore the lost fat volume via fat graft transfers from the patient’s other body locations. Labia enhancement is becoming a discreet way for women to feel good about their bodies again.

Can Labia Fat Injections Really Eliminate Pain in This Sensitive Area?

According to many experts, women that undergo this cosmetic surgical procedure get welcome relief from painful friction burns and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Mature women are more likely to experience this specific problem, but women of all ages can develop volume loss of their outer vaginal lips or labia majora. This occurs during extreme weight fluctuations and while performing some intense activity required during various sports and other forms of exercise. When the surgeon restores the lost volume to these outer protective skin folds, the patient notices substantially less discomfort in her private area.

Expectations During Recovery Following fat transfer to labia majora Miami

Patients should take it easy during the initial recovery period. The surgery takes just 1 to 2 hours, and patients can return home with a designated driver. Mild pain relievers will be prescribed if needed, and the patient can shower normally the following day. Some localized bruising and minor swelling generally peaks out at around day 3. These symptoms will continue to fully subside over 2 to 3 weeks.

Benefits of fat transfer to labia majora Miami Surgery

There are many benefits of undergoing labia enhancement surgery. Along with the loss of volume, the labia majora might sag significantly creating more discomfort. Some women are embarrassed by this condition, and many decide to have this procedure to improve this area cosmetically. After a careful fat transfer to labia majora sites, patients should experience incredible pain relief. Sometimes, a surgeon will also want to add the patient’s own platelet rich infusion that helps ensure that the transferred fat doesn’t get eliminated.

Contact the vaginal rejuvenation specialist who performs this cutting-edge fat transfer to labia majora Miami women are raving about. Prospective patients interested in fat transfer to labia majora Miami injections should call our Miami office to learn more

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