This Minor Cosmetic Procedure Brings Major Results

/This Minor Cosmetic Procedure Brings Major Results

This Minor Cosmetic Procedure Brings Major Results

Most women are resigned that they will experience the effects of aging that everyone must deal with. Time does not just play a role in how a woman’s facial skin looks and feels, it can also be a significant factor in other bodily changes of the private kind involving the fragile female genitalia. It is common for more mature women to report a thinning of vaginal tissue that can cause dryness and discomfort. Even younger women can experience these symptoms, as hormonal changes during menses, pregnancy and the childbirth process can also play a significant role in a woman’s private region’s health and condition. Fat transfer to labia majora Miami is a minor cosmetic procedure that can enhance and benefit women’s lives.

How a New Labia Enhancement Procedure is Improving Women’s Lives

The good news is that more plastic surgeons have taken an interest in newer treatments and cosmetic surgical enhancements that focus on rejuvenating vaginal structures. A new labia enhancement procedure is continuing to improve women’s lives every day. More women are enjoying the benefits of a more youthful vaginal zone, and plastic surgeons can now restore the lost volume of fat and moisture that is commonly seen in lesser amounts among older woman and others with hormonal imbalances, extreme weight gain and/or loss, certain health conditions, various medication and medical treatment side effects and other determining factors. Even very healthy and active sports enthusiasts can suffer from this hard-to-talk-about issue. A surgeon can now easily perform a simple fat transfer to labia majora folds of thinning tissue to replenish the natural moisture and fat volume necessary for better health.

A Surgeon’s Explanation of How Labia Fat Injections Benefit Women

An explanation of a common fat transfer to labia majora Miami doctors are performing more frequently is helping to ease women’s fears regarding this exciting new approach that can actually reverse some of the harmful effects of the aging cycle and other causes of vaginal deterioration. During most procedures, the surgeon can often use just fat grafting along with PRP therapy to get the desired effect. Some may also need surgical reduction of the looser vaginal “lips” too.

Where to Go For a Fat Transfer to Labia Majora Miami Women are Excited About

Prospective patients interested in labia fat injections or other rejuvenation procedures for the vaginal anatomical structures should make a confidential consultation appointment with Dr. Max Polo from Miami. Visit our fat transfer to labia majora Miami page to learn more today!

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