What Is a Fat Transfer to the Labia Majora Procedure?

/What Is a Fat Transfer to the Labia Majora Procedure?

What Is a Fat Transfer to the Labia Majora Procedure?

A woman’s most intimate regions can experience changes because of life experiences such as childbirth and body weight transformations. Her most private areas can change in appearance, and become a point of aesthetic concern. A fat transfer to labia majora procedure is simple, and can restore elements of a woman’s confidence in her body.

How a Labial Fat Transfer Need Arises

Childbirth stretches the labial tissues. Aging exacerbates skin elasticity. A body transformation from exercise and diet depletes normal fatty deposits in the body. All of these factors can contribute to the flattening and thinning of areas around the labia. This is not necessarily a negative change, but some women prefer the look and feel of a fuller genital complex. Significant changes in the labia can also produce pain associated with hygienic efforts and sexual function. If the skin and features around the labia become less full than desired, fat transfer surgery is a viable option for restoring a natural appearance.

The Role of Fat in Labial Health

The outer regions of the labia protect genital features like the urethral opening and certain layers of the vagina. A full and youthful-looking labia also provides degrees of comfort when wearing clothes and enjoying movements required during exercise. There are, of course, other physical benefits of a full and rounded labia when it comes to sexual activity.

The fullness of the labia is due to adequate fatty deposits in the lower pelvic regions. Normal life events cause a depletion of labial fat. When this happens, noticeable changes in labia take place. These changes might include darkening skin and protruding labial folds. They could also include increased degrees of dryness and non-sensitivity during sex. The absence of fatty deposits around the outer labial region is the primary reason for many female concerns.

Fat transfer to labia majora procedure

During a labial fat transfer, fat tissues from the lower abdominal region are literally pushed into the labial folds using a number of surgical instruments. This is a highly successful procedure because the fat transferred originates in the body of the woman undergoing surgery. The fat transferred creates an immediate change in plumpness and sensitivity of the labial region. Yes, there is a bit of soreness and discomfort after the surgery, but the tactile and aesthetic changes are extraordinarily positive.

Very few women experiencing genital appearance changes because of life events fail to gain improved appearance and function from fat transfer procedures. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon will highlight how fat transfers can address any concerns with the labia. Every woman’s body has what is needed to maintain wellness and visual appeal. The inclusion of fat transfer to labia majora procedure is something that assists with realizing this amazing facet of being a woman. Contact us for a complete description of what is involved in this effective procedure.

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