How Long Does Clitoral Hood Reduction Recovery Take?

/How Long Does Clitoral Hood Reduction Recovery Take?

How Long Does Clitoral Hood Reduction Recovery Take?

Clitoral hood reduction surgery involves the removal of tissue, fat and skin to create a more appealing look for your female reproductive organs. How much time should you take off from work for clitoral hood reduction surgery? How long does clitoral hood reduction recovery take?

Soreness & Swelling

Your clitoral hood might bulge, leading to embarrassment. It is wise to purchase baby cleaning wipes before the procedure. Because anesthesia is used, women might feel a little dizzy after the surgery. Therefore, make sure to arrange for someone to drive you home. Every woman is different. Generally, women will experience tenderness, soreness and swelling. The clitoral hood reduction surgery might not take very long – it involves the two bilateral incisions on either side of the hood. It might be completed within an hour. Lasers might be used to minimize bleeding. Dissolving sutures will be used to close your incisions. Your recovery will depend on how much is removed.

Avoid Bathtub Soaking

You should take off a week from work for the best recovery. It might be tough to avoid the great Miami weather, but you need to make sure that you heal properly. You should avoid strenuous activities for up to six weeks. You can also use a numbing cream to reduce discomfort. Use a spray bottle for the first few days (avoid soap, which could cause infection). The area will gradually heal within 2 to 4 weeks. You should refrain from soaking in the bathtub until after 4 weeks. Also, have someone else do any heavy lifting during recovery. Your sutures will dissolve in four to six weeks. We will schedule a checkup to see how your clitoral hood reduction recovery is proceeding. Please bring up any problems that you have been experiencing. Each clitoral hood reduction is unique. By taking plenty of time to recover initially, you can heal fully. Eventually, after about 6 weeks, you can get out and enjoy Miami again.

Clitoral hood reduction recovery –¬†Avoid Strenuous Activities

You might want to wear dresses during your recovery. The times for recovery differ from woman to woman and depend on the characteristics of your clitoral hood reduction procedure. We will closely watch your progress during regular post-op check-ups. We will provide you with pain medication too. Avoid any strenuous activity until our Miami cosmetic surgeon gives you the green light. Contact us today to schedule a beauty consultation.

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