Who Needs Clitoral Hood Reduction?

/Who Needs Clitoral Hood Reduction?

Who Needs Clitoral Hood Reduction?

What is a Clitoral Hood Reduction Miami Procedure?

The clitoris is a highly sensitized organ that is aroused during sex. This roughly 4 inch organ is located at the upper end of the female genitalia. Typically, 3/4 of this organ is covered with skin folds that are commonly called “hooding,” and this organ is extremely sensitive with some 8,000 nerve endings. Women that have an enlarged or asymmetrical hood area might be benefited by a surgical procedure known as a clitoral hood reduction Miami to correct the problem.

Brief Explanation of a Clitoral Hood Reduction Miami Surgery

Basically, during clitoral reduction surgery, the surgeon seeks to remove the excess skin folds creating a smoother and tightened clitoral area that will function better. This delicate procedure is often done during a labiaplasty of the vagina’s inner lips. The surgeon simply extends the wedge technique incision to include reduction of the sagging hooded area as well. In this surgical procedure, the actual clitoris is left intact.

What is the Average Clitoral Hood Reduction Miami Surgery Cost?

Different factors are considered when determining the actual clitoral reduction surgery cost for each individual person. This procedure can be done under a local sedation, but most women are more comfortable with general anesthesia instead. Typically, the surgical time is approximately 90 minutes, but more complicated cases can extend this time resulting in somewhat higher costs for OR time. All of the cost details and other pertinent information will always be discussed in-depth during the patient’s initial consultation appointment time with the plastic surgeon.

Common Recovery Expectations After a Clitoral Hood Reduction

Expect to spend a few hours in recovery due to the effects of the general anesthesia used. This can make the patient a bit woozy until it wears off over the next 24 hours or so. Someone should drive the patient home and stay with the patient overnight. The patient can resume light activity the next day. It is recommended that patients take at least one week off from work, and more if their job duties are especially strenuous. Pain medication and other measures will keep the patient comfortable. Pain should resolve quickly, but full healing can take longer. Avoid sexual intercourse for 6 weeks.

Women desiring a clitoral hood reduction Miami procedure should contact our office for further details and schedule an appointment time.

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