Labia Majora Reduction Recovery

/Labia Majora Reduction Recovery
11 07, 2018

We Answer 4 Common Questions About Labia Majora Reduction

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There are several reasons that can contribute to the development of enlarged labia majora. These are the sensitive outermost lips that immediately encircles and serves as protection for the clitoris, vagina and urethra openings. When this area becomes enlarged and/or stretched, the woman often begins to notice unusual pain and uncomfortable friction rashes due to [...]

24 10, 2017

What to expect during your Labia Majora Reduction recovery

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Nowadays, you can improve the look of any of your body parts, including your reproductive organs. If you would like to reduce the size of your outer female organs (the labia majora), then labia majora reduction surgery might be just right for you. Here is what to expect from labia majora reduction recovery. Improve Love [...]

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