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5 09, 2018

Great Reasons to Undergo a Clitoral Enlargement Surgery

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The clitoris is considered one of the most exclusive parts of a woman’s body. This is not only because it is located in a private region. It is also true because a woman’s outlook on sexual wellness is centered on the clitoris. Deciding to go through clitoral enlargement Miami surgery is a big decision that [...]

21 05, 2018

Are You a Good Candidate for a Clitoral Enlargement Procedure?

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The clitoris is part of a woman's gynecological system that allows women to experience pleasure and orgasms during sex when the site is stimulated. There are reasons why a woman would elect to enlarge their clitoris. These include extensive scar tissue in the vaginal and surrounding tissues that can result in very painful intercourse. Some [...]

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